Thursday, March 21, 2013

Wesley Tippetts - Final project progress

My final project is all about dwarves.  The Dwarves of Dwalaak.
This is some of Paul Richards' work he did for Darksiders.  I'm using it as a style reference for the armor and weapons.

These are the roughs of the 4 main characters

I haven't done much on the female or the king yet.  Just trying to figure out their poses.
The king will have a crystalline crown

 Seeing as how dwarves live in giant mountains, their mounts would be burrowing animals.  I thought of just doing a giant mole creature, but I wanted to add ant-eater and rhino elements.

I was doing some serious thinking last night, and I think I want to go for a more stylized look.  I'm thinking more in the style of Cory Loftis.

The characters have stylized anatomy.  He paints just enough to describe the form and textures, but it makes a huge impact.

So going down that road, he's where I'm at with the first dwarf character:


These are the animal sketches

Stuff from Tuesday

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