Thursday, March 28, 2013

75 cents

Final Progress

I feel ready to do final line work for these, but I figured I should wait for the critique. The runaway kid and his pet alligator live inside this hollow tree in the Louisiana Bayou.
Also ready for final line work.

Iterations of the team of bad guys that I am still working on figuring out. The guy is an architect who lost a contest for some commission and decided the go underground to erect his creation (which involves demolishing the kid's hideout). I haven't figured out the lady's backstory yet.

Final Progress - Jacob Eaton

Chelsea Stebar - Cheetah wip

Wesley Tippetts - More Progress

Final Progress: Ryan Nimtz

So the first one's just a review, but the rest are all new since last week.



just a sketch for fun with all of them


Andrea Roberts - Progress

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Class Schedule

Here's where things are at for the rest of class:

March 28 Thursday: Post character and environment progress on blog. Critiques.

April 2 Tuesday: In class work.

April 4 Thursday: Post character and environment progress on blog. Critiques.

April 9 Tuesday: In class work.

April 11 Thursday: Post character and environment FINAL on blog. Critiques.

April 16 Tuesday: Final project due. One on one grade review.

April 18 Thursday: No class.

April 23 Tuesday: All revisions due by 6pm. I'll begin grading you on what's posted on the blog at 6pm.

If there's any more specific lectures or demos you want from me post them in the comments below. I can fit a few more into the schedule we have.

- Jake

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ethan Dean - Final

The dude on the right is a dog...with a mustache.

Team Roster

Space Spelunking DNA Siphoners - Silhouette not finalized but getting there

Jacob Eaton - Final Project Progress 3/21

progress for the finals

Final Progress

 So this is a semi-near-future sci-fi story with a little bit of fantasy thrown in.  So far I have two characters pretty much done.  The second one still needs a little bit of ironing out.  The third one is in the thumbnailing stage, but I have a pretty good idea of what I want to do.  The animal is still in the ether.

I had an inked picture of this guy, and then I realized it was awful.