Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Andrea Roberts - Assignment 2 Revision

Ballpoint Pen

Mechanical Pencil

Brush Pen

Assignment 4 - The Sea Captain

Your assignment is to design a Sea Captain character from thumbnail silhouettes to fully rendered design.

Step 1 - Design through silhouette. Do 15 to 20 of these.

Step 2 - Draw you character really nice. Remember your basic shapes, line of action, and a clear silhouette.

Step 3 - Render your drawing with strong values and lighting that define shape and clarify position.

Tuesday 29nd - In class work, bring your WIP. I'll work with you on what your doing.

Thursday 31th -Character designs due. Lesson 5.

Lesson 4 - Value

Here's a link to the photoshop file of the demo I did in class HERE.

And the drawovers for the last assignment are HERE.

Assignment 4 - Brainstorming

This is the process

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Assignment 3 - Ben Harmon - TOAD

Amani Khader - Shape

Jacob Eaton - Assignment - 03

Wesley Tippetts - Assignment 3

Did these when I finally decided to do Wario for the final design.



- - - 

...also I redid Mario.
...and I added a splish splash o' color.

Jenna Barton: Assignment - 03

Legend of Zelda 'Wolfo'

Assignment 3 - Dallin

Ethan Dean Assignment - 03

Andrew Rasmussen - King from Megaman

I didn't quite get time to finish his other arm. Dang dynamic pose took all my time. Anyways I figured I didn't want to sacrifice the linework and hurry to finish it.

Michelle Hironaka - Link

Tanner Wilson: Assignment 3 - Link

Chelsea Stebar - Ash + Pikachu

Assignment 3 -- Zelda

I decided to keep the scratchy shading, although I didn't have as much time on it as I'd hoped.

Just the linework

Andrea Roberts - Assignment 03

Redesigning the mailman from Twilight Princess:  This Guy


Final redesign.  Based off Silhouette #60.