Thursday, February 28, 2013

Lesson 8 - Perspective


Assignment 03:

Assignment 04:

Assignment 05:

Assignment 07:

Assignment 07, Tanner Wilson: Super Ugly

Marine Iguana Westerner

Assignment 7 - Ethan Dean

Assignment 07 - Jacob Eaton

Wesley Tippetts - Animal

This is the creature I designed from the Terryl Whitlatch thing.  Tried to make the pose more interesting


Tried to fix the angle of the face, but ran out of time to do a clean color job.  Err...I mean "I COLORED OUTSIDE THE LINES ON PURPOSE!" (shifty glance)

Tom Woodbury - Assignment 7

Assignment 7, Ben Harmon

Chelsea Stebar - Aerodactyl

Creatures of the Sea

Assignment 7: Ryan Nimtz

Andrea Roberts - Assignment 07

This is Maple.  She's a llama.

Assignment 07--Clockwork Canary

Assignment - 07, Rooster

Hamzawi -Assignment 7 and Revisions

Animals - Younhee

Sketches of animals: just in case profile pose (right) doesn't work I also posted a more angular pose of another animal (left),,,

Assignment 07 - Fox Squirrel